Tools of the Trade: What you need for Home Renovations

If you want to tackle a little DIY renovation work, you’d better have the right tools for the job. Done right, home renovations can make your home more attractive to buyers and help you sell your home faster. Here are the ‘tools of the trade’ you’ll need to tackle those home renovations yourself.

Measuring Tape

A good steel measuring tape is a DIYer’s best friend. You’ll spend so much time together that you’ll practically develop emotional bonding! You cannot start thinking of a home improvement project without a proper measuring tape. These days measuring tapes come in different types but the basic principle remains the same. There is a switch which stops the tape from coiling back into its shell. Some tapes roll back very fast that they cause finger injuries. A good tape will be sturdy and not fold in half when you’re trying to extend it. Get one that’s at least 12 feet long. When buying a measuring tape avoid the cheap ones and go for one that has the best reviews. It will be with you for years.

Claw Hammer

The humble hammer serves so many purposes, it’s impossible to list them all. You’ll need it for tapping in nails, prying open paint lids, and demolition. This is a tool you’ll use for years, so invest in a good quality hammer with grip to avoid slippage.

Claw Hammer

Material costs for a kitchen backsplash can vary widely. The least expensive backsplash option is plain old paint! You can step it up with tin panels, and don’t overlook wood – it’s sturdy and practical without being too pricey. These simple materials are inexpensive but add plenty of charm.


Pliers come in slip joint, needle nose or snub nose. All of them have a role to play in your renovation adventure, but needle-nose pliers are seen as the most versatile by serial DIYers.

Duct Tape

Duct tape will always remain an indispensable tool for any DIY project. The sticky, multipurpose adhesive has been helping human since World War II. It is flexible, resists tearing and sticks to just about anything. We could spend hours listing what can be done with duct tape.


This one is a no brainer. Ladders and step ladders are must-have when trying to reach high places in your house. You might see highly advanced ladders that can take many different shapes being advertised – avoid those. A ladder has a simple purpose. Just make sure the ladder has features to attach your tools or tool bag and the steps are strong and comfortable enough so that it allows you to stand on them for hours.

Cordless Drill / Screwdriver

When it comes to power tools, cordless is the way to go, and there are probably a million uses for a cordless drill that make it a must-have tool for any homeowner. If you plan on installing or removing shelves, hanging picture frames, or installing new cabinet doors, this tool can help with all of that and more. You can screw things in by hand, but unless you want to wear yourself out, just choose a drill that allows you to change the attachment to fit your screws.

Cordless power saws

While we’re on the subject of cordless power tools, unless you like the idea of using a handsaw to cut through wood for your DIY projects, invest in a couple of power saws:  1) a cordless jigsaw for cutting through planks of wood ‘freestyle’ and 2) a cordless circular saw to cut straight lines like a pro. Just make sure you read and pay attention to the safety warnings and instructions, and always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes while using power tools, especially saws. Other useful saws are miter saws for getting precise angles – think baseboards & trim, and reciprocating saws – for cutting holes in drywall to add electrical outlets or recess a bathroom medicine cabinet.

Stud Sensor

A stud sensor is a great tool to have for a variety of reasons. If you want to hang picture frames, you need to use one to help find the best spot to anchor in your hangers. If you want to install a door or interior window, you need to know where your studs are before you ever start cutting.

Whatever renovations you undertake, make sure your home is market-ready. Contact Prep n’ Sell for more tips and advice on getting your home ready for sale.


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